Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Shameful behaviour

I am embarrassed and apologise. All my ranting and raving about things being stolen from my suitcase and there are people losing much more than a few things. They are losing their lives.

The bombings in Alexandria on New Years Day are the topic of most conversations around Egypt. My excuse for not writing about it sooner; i’ve been home ill for 4 days (a poor excuse).

21 people killed, 79 injured.

Today i was talking about it with one of my costume designers and she told me the plans for Christmas. You see the Coptic Christians haven’t had their Christmas day yet- that is still to come this weekend, and after the horrific attacks in churches there is fear that that might well be a target.
Seemingly many Muslims are planning to attend Christian churches and pray with them, this coming Christmas to help protect each church from further attacks. Their argument being we are all Egyptian and should stand together whatever name we give our God, it is still the same God.

I think its fabulous people are sticking together like this and I really hope it works. There are enough problems in Egypt without further disputes between Christians and Muslims.

The following images are profile pictures many of my Egyptians friends, Christian and Muslim and using now on facebook.

Here’s hoping for a peaceful 2011.

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