Monday, January 03, 2011

Airport trauma!

I am so upset!

As i mentioned in my previous blog, on my recent trip to UK my suitcase was only with me for 36 hours before I checked it back in to come home.... but it arrived in one piece!

The saga in Cairo has been even more eventful, yes, it is possible!

When my bag hadn’t arrived in Cairo, surprise surprise, i filled out all the relevant forms etc on the 29th. They informed me that because there was a lock on the case that I couldn’t have it delivered since customs would not be able to check it. I was furious, but agreed to collect it.

They didn’t call. I left it 2 days and called them on the 31st, to be told that it had arrived and would be delivered before 11pm. That was a relief that i didn’t have to go all the way there again.

It didn’t arrive.

I called the next day, 1st, to be told that it couldn’t be sent because they didn’t have a photocopy of my passport! I was mad, but faxed a copy through and was told it would be delivered that day.

It didn’t arrive.

I called 2nd. It would be delivered today, thank god.

It didn’t arrive.

I called (later 2nd) to be told that the fax hadn’t arrived so they still couldn’t send it without that. Very agitated by now, I re-faxed my copy of passport (which involves going out down the street since i don’t have a fax at home). I was told that it would be sent out that night. I kept calling and calling, by 8pm it ‘cleared’ customs and was with the delivery firm and would be with me within 5 hours. Relief!

Too soon...

it didn’t arrive.

I called on the 3rd (3am) to be told it hadn’t cleared customs at all, and that they would keep trying to get it cleared.

It arrived this morning (3rd- 5 days late). Happy? Yes- i was.............. until i saw the state the case was in and check the contents.

3 small bottles of perfume and a brand new, never used yet, epilator which I had bought with my Christmas money had been stolen from my case. So about £118 worth of theft.


Very angry , teary call to the baggage reclaim people AGAIN and now have to go to airport to fill in forms tonight. Really really annoyed. I felt violated when all my underwear etc was spread around my case... that was bad enough, but to have things stolen too. The thing is- If I had just gone to collect it on the 31st, i would have had all my things and had them 3 days ago. When will I learn not to trust?

Whoever uses my new epilator- i hope it hurts!!!!!!!!!!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

this is shocking. I hope the insurance covers your losses, Lorna.

Mariette.Frisby said...

Ouch! Hear I thought American Airport Security and Customs were bad....they are like angels compared to the Egyptian customs and security.

So sorry for your losses! I hope that you will find a way to retrieve your items Lorna!

Dave McK said...

Blimey o' flippin' Reilly!!