Thursday, January 13, 2011

All change at the Pharaoh

Don't you just love how information gets passed on? or doesn't... not until the last minute anyway!

Tonight I had completed my first sail, a nice show with one of my students from japan here to see me, and i relaxed between sails.

Just before I go on stage i am informed that as from today, all late sails on the Golden, and on the Nile Pharoah boats will be an extra half hour longer. 2.5 hours instead of 2. This means I am on stage longer (although, obviously, this being Cairo- not paid extra!). This is a good thing for those of you wanting to see me dance! I get time to do an extra song in my show, on the late sail. The cost to the customer goes up though. Early sail costs 220le and now late sail costs 275e.

Tonight, among others, I danced to Lissa faker and also to Mawood- and the guests went mad for them. Was lovely to have such an appreciative audience... singing along with the songs. When Egyptians are in a party mood they really are the best audiences in the world (unsurprisingly) for this dance!!!

Tomorrow I have a photoshoot with another dancer friend of mine, Marte , from Norway. We decided if we had to turn up at an address in full make up and false lashes, in the middle of the day, then it was best to go together!!

I have a massively busy month ahead of me. Lorna's bellydance hotel will be full to bursting! I have Eshta from London coming, Dominique from Canada, Judit from Hungary , and Popo and her 3 dance friends from Hong Kong and then Christina from Denmark. It will be a multi-cultural month at my place! We're going to have fun!!! Just in case you are interested- there is now NO ROOM AT THE INN until after 8th feb! The next crazy time at my place will probably be around April when the Nile Group festival happens again- so if you are hoping to stay with me then- get it confirmed asap!!!

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