Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

oh what a night!

I performed on the Nile Pharoah boat last night, 4 shows and then the 'temple' as they call it; the area between the 2 boats. I really really enjoyed myself. Especially when i got my singer to memorise the words for Laylet Eid ( a Fayrouz song to the tune of jingle bells!!!) and came out on stage in my santa costume! They look on everyones faces was priceless! lets just say- it was a massive hit, with the band, the staff and the customers. Although perhaps especailly with the phototgraphers since EVERYONE , including the staff (!) wanted there photo taken with santa Lorna!!!

great fun, and for a change i didn't have to run off to do other jobs after the shows since we finished so late. Which was a relief since I have a horrible chest infection, i suspect due to 3 days spent in airports over the last 10 days!!

i went home for christmas, and was stuck in amsterdam airport for 2 days due to the snow, then on my return, i got stuck in glasgow and then again in heathrow due to fog! My suitcase, containing the new costumes I had specially made for the show in glasgow on the 28th were in the case... which eventually arrived on the 27th! one day before I was due to leave again. So I had one day to unpack and repack! needless to say, with the fog effects, my suitcase has not managed to arrived here to cairo either. in fact, in the 13 days since I started my journey home and back, the case has only been in my custody for 2 of them!

Despite all that christmas was lovely. Snowy, cold (-17deg!) but lovely. I spent a lot of quality time with my family and with a few friends. Next time hopefully I'll get to party more!

It's good to start a new year and still be a bellydancer on the Nile!
Sometimes I really can't believe how a girl form scotland can end up here doing this job, but I am so happy and grateful that I am! Long may it continue!

I have a massively busy house over the next 6 weeks with total of 8 house guests due over that time, .. 6 of those due in the same week (not sure how this will work, but we'll squeeze together somehow!) we are going to have fun!

 If anyone is in Cairo and wants to come see me dance I am performing on the Golden pharoah 9-12th Jan and the Nile pharoah 13-15th Jan.

off to track down that missing suitcase now.......


harleygypsy2003 said...

sounds exciting, hope u feel better soon, i am of half-scottish descent, just noticed where u were born,happy new year, best wishes,harley gypsy

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Enjoy all yer visitors, Lorna!!!

Lang may yer lum reek!!

Annette said...

Glad you got back safely, eventually!
All the very best for 2011 to you Lorna. Wish big, and make sure it comes true!
Lots of love, Annette xx

Jasmine said...

Hi Lorna,
Happy 2011! Just wondered: I think you will be in the UK in March to teach and perform. Would you be able to fit in a private lesson? If you let me know where you will be, perhaps we could arrange something.

Barbara said...

Oh should I've known you got stuck in Amsterdam for 2 days, I've would come to pick you up and you could stay at my place!

Well.. happy new year to you too and get well soon!

Love, B