Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ramadan Return to Rain

No big surprise there I guess. When I landed in Scotland on thursday afternoon it was, you guessed it- raining... and although there has been some breaks of sun occasionally, it has rained every day. It can really get you down. Amazing how sun lifts my mood so much. The weather is the number 2 reason I am in Cairo actually!!!!

I am aching to get to bed, its been a long few days....but taking the chance to write while I gte the chance to be online!

Yesterday I spent the entire day sifting though all my belongings to find all the costumes, cds etc etc I could cope with parting with in order to sell in my souk.

Today I spent the day drinking tea and chatting with old friends while people browsed through my things and tried on and bought my costumes....

I have to admit- there was a couple of times when i saw someone in my costume and said ( in my head- no no no- you cant have it- it's MINE !!!) Thankfully my brain won over emotion- andi managed to part with a few. Do other dancers have this problem? I LOVE my costumes.... I hardly ever sell them on, this is a 1st for me. and its hard. i actually shed a tear yesterday putting some of them into the cases!!! Costumes I have worn remind me of times and places and shows and emotions..... so hard to part with. Thankfully lots that I sold today went to dancers who are friends- and it will be a joy to see them dancing in them!

There are however 5 suitacases worth of things left over- yes you read that right- 5 suitcases!!!!!!!!!!! 2 of which a just cabaret costumes!!!!!!!! some new, some used (by me!)!!!!!

1 case is full of bellydance CDs which I am selling at 3 for £10........

Remember 10% of all sales is going to the charity 'just because' so I will count up at the end of the month and let you know!!!!!!!!!!!

I will have 'Lorna's clearance sale souk' out to sell at the hafla in The Voodoo rooms in Edinburgh on 4th sept (tickets for which need to be bought asap to confirm your place as its not a big venue so dont assume you can buy on the door!!!! See previous blog re hafla for booking email address!!) There are still some places left on the workshops on the 5th too.

I believe the places are going fast for the Dundee workshops on 19th and 20th Sept............

And of course there is always London on 13th - workshop and show.... I'll bring some costumes with me there- if there are any left!!!

Today is the first day of Ramadan.... RAMADAN KAREEM to everyone!

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