Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's all go.......

well- the main news is that Tux is gone to his new mummy. Thankfully (with the aid of facebook and good friends passing on the link!) we managed to find a teacher in Maadi who had been looking for a kitten to play with her kitten when she was out at work during the day. So little Tux has a big sister 'Mumkin' now and is seemingly VERY happy. We are very relieved to have found him such a perfect home ( although my house is now clean and too quiet without him scarpering around).

What else? oh- my computer 'went' this week ( fixed now- obviously- since I am writing this!) and had to take it to 'compu me' in Lebanon square and they fixed it in a couple of hours and reinstalled windows etc etc for only 110le and were wonderful. I am no longer scared of computer problems knowing that they are a short taxi drive away! Although maybe I shouldn't speak too soon!!!!

Count down is on til I go to UK for a month, this week in fact. My next blog will be details of my grand tour.... so far workshops are confirmed in London, Edinburgh and Dundee! so more to come shortly on those!!!!

The bizarre thing with Ramadan moving forward 2 weeks every year is that it makes the years seen to go by faster and faster....... or is that just what happens as you get older anyway?!!!

I plan to be selling a lot of my costumes and cds and various related bellydance items this ramadan in Edinburgh- so if you feel like sparkly things... I'll add info of how and where you get to see what I have got. It's all gotta go.

so there you go............. it's all go !!!!!!

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