Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm in UK for the whole month of Ramadan.
Its only been 5 days so far, but already I have a list...
2 in fact...

Things I currently miss in Egypt;

1) all my friends there- you know who you are!

2) my lovely huge flat there

3) dancing on the Nile Pharoah with my band

4) sleeping as late as I like- staying with parents for now... so not much chance for a long lie!

5) the sunshine- probably should have been number 1 here (although was sunny today)

6) going out partying to all hours- roll on the weekend

7) being able to just do things at the drop of a hat- no planning!

8) jumping into taxi's ( cheaply!)

9) lying by a pool on the odd occasion when i dont have work the same night

Things I have realised I missed about Edinburgh when I was in Cairo;

1) my family and friends- you know who you are

2) my car- ah the freedom- and blasting favourite tunes with window wide open driving in the sunshine... nothing beats it!

3) walking unhasseled by men down the street- no cries of 'gamda', mozza' or habibi' as I go about my own business!

4) public transport- buses can be so good, and cheap!

5) Edinburgh Fringe Festival - spent today walking along high street watching street performers and tourists from all over the world- and feeling sort of like one of them!

6) Cider -enough said

7) being able to walk up to a complete stranger and ask a question without fearing the questions he'll ask you in return. Was particularly impressed with the information officers on Princes street this afternoon- a fantastic service- Thanks guys!

8) shopping

9) dressing the way you want..... I had a revelation the other day when i realised i didn't have to layer my clothing just becuase my top didn't quite meet my jeans- its ok here to show a little bit of belly in the street! I felt I was being so Risque !!

So thats how my trip home so far is panning out......... Mostly good. But I do feel more and more that Cairo is 'home'. (maybe after more time out with friends etc that will change!)

excited about all my UK workshops and shows coming up;

Edinburgh especially (since it's 1st!).

Hope to see lots of friendly faces at the Edinburgh halfa on 4th sept at the Voodoo rooms . If you're coming- it's best to get your ticket in advance cos its a small venue and I wouldn't want you to miss out!!!-

contact elspethalexandra@hotmail.com to book your Edinburgh halfa and /or workshop tickets!

Off to bed early now... 11pm.... thats when i usually think about going out in Cairo, actually no- usually I am still at work at this time... before I go out!!!

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