Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lorna's belly room clearance sale- Edinburgh

Next weekend...................... ie this coming Saturday 22nd Aug!!! I'll be at Elspeths house (Edinburgh) surrounded by bellydance goodies for sale.

whats for sale? ........ costumes ( new and some of my used ones) coin belts, cd's, you name it- It'll be there.... and so will I, and Elspeth - and hopefully so will you too!!!!.

It's a attempt to clear out some of the things that have been sitting waiting in Scotland for me to come 'home' from Cairo and I have accepted now that my stay in Cairo isn't really a short one (considering I came here for only 6 months, over 3.5 years ago!!!) so I am trying to lighten the load a little (and make a few pennies hopefully in the process!)

10% of all sale profit will be going to the charity 'Just Because'.

It will be good to catch up with everyone over a cup of tea too.......

Saturday 22nd August

Lorna's Souk

1-6pm or 8-9pm
(break to allow for kiddies bedtimes- so please don't come during that break!!!)

Elspeth's front room, (red door and bell does work!),
32 Claremont Road
(near Leith Links)
Edinburgh, EH6

see you on saturday!

workshop and halfa in Edinburgh info coming soon!!!!!

(for those of you not able to get to Edinburgh... IF there is anything left after saturday then I hope to bring a few selected items around my various workshops in UK this ramadan!)

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