Thursday, March 10, 2011

from UK to Cairo

Sitting at the gate, waiting to board the plane back to Cairo.
Mixed feelings.
Usually when I am in UK, although I really enjoy my time and love meeting up with friends and family, I also have a contentment at the idea that I will go back to my ‘normal’ life in Cairo shortly.
This time I am actually concerned as to how I will find my beloved adopted city and in particular the work situation. If there are no tourists then the boats run on a very restricted schedule, so I will be lucky to be performing 2 shows a week. Not enough to live off, and if that’s bad for me, then I feel for the people who work for me, the musicians and others too.
I had been feeling positive about everything that Egypt has been going through. The people had proved themselves to be strong and brave and commendable. Many died for the right to speak their mind, to choose how they wanted to be governed. Then last night I read an article written by a good friend about the disgraceful way in which a large number of men yesterday greeted women’s protests for equality in the country. I know of course that this is not from all men... but unfortunately these attitudes belong to the majority.
How can a country develop and grow when half its population are insulted, attacked and ridiculed by the other half when they ask for their voice to be heard?
As I say.. usually going back home to Cairo is a return to normality for me. Right this moment I feel happy to be going to see my friends there and to return to work, but nervous about what we will face in the country politically over the next months especially and how tourism, and therefore all of us who work in it, will continue to struggle.
That said......boarding now...... Cairo here I come, ready or not....!

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