Friday, March 18, 2011

Reasons for being....

Seemingly it was 30degrees here in Cairo today... maybe thats why i just felt urged to do something i really dont do enough of... i got my bikini on, shut the balcony curtains off to one side (to block out the flats opposite) and sunbathed all afternoon! It was BLISS. I feel relaxed and alive again. With all the recent going ons in Cairo, and the massively reduced work load (and therefore income) i have been having to question whether Cairo is really the place for me or not. A day in the sun, in mid March, reconfirmed one of the many things i love about this city!!!!

My guests, 3 dancers from UK, left this afternoon. It's been lovely having them here. Fun moments have included going to a cabaret club that was open from 8pm so we could go and still be home before curfew and was owned by an ex dancer nicknamed Tuna who is quite frankly NUTS.

Also having the girls come to see my show and for a rare change me actually feeling like I had performed well- I tend to beat myself up a lot about my dancing, so that was a really nice change and afterwards 2 of us went on to the Cairo Jazz Club where they had a boogie night (also starting and finishing before curfew) and dancing crazily to everything from michael jackson to duran duran to will smith to cameo! It was relive the 80's night (wasn't billed as that- but totally was that and was amazing fun!).

The girls had some private classes too while they were here. They went over one morning to Yasmina's and had a class with her. Then the Next day Sara Farouk came over and gave them a couple of hours, and then a class with me the next day. I love having a studio in the house to be able to dance and teach when ever the mood takes and also to be able to host other teachers...The class was fun too- talented girls made it a joy!

We went to watch the beautiful Sabriya perform too. She was just lovely! I didn't know what style to expect since she has learned mostly in the USA, is turkish/swedish and has worked mainly throughout the middle east, Tunisia to Dubai to Syria etc etc . It wasn't particularly Egyptian style- but it was a VERY good show with 4 costume changes, lots of lovely moves and best thing was her very relaxed and comfortable way of interacting with her audience. We all liked it a lot!!!

They did even more than that in their 4 days with me... but i had to rest up one evening with a bad cold and tummy... but thats when i managed to get my apartments pics online- so the time wasn't wasted!

Oh, and then there was the costume fitting at midnight!!!! So much for curfew... since they were flying this morning the costume maker came to my house and spent 2 hours here doing final fittings and alterations to them in my dance studio! With a vanilla cola afterwards it was a much more relaxed way of doing the costume fitting than going to the shop to do it!!!

YES- there are LOTS of reason why I love this city and all the things you can do in it- even with a curfew.
I think I'll be staying..........!!! (Inshallah!)

If you'd like to come to Cairo and enjoy it the way I do, why not stay with me at the 'Hotel BellyLorna' !!! I've uploaded a lot of photos of the place onto facebook ... have a look and book soon for a memorable holiday!!!

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Cassie Wedding said...

I just saw your blog for the first time. How interesting to be a Scottish belly dancer in Cairo! I just saw the indie movie Cairo Time and it piqued my interest in Cairo. How cool to live there, except things are tense now. Hope you're OK.