Wednesday, March 23, 2011

to come or not to come to Egypt...?

I'm biased... I live here... and I am trying earn a living within the tourism industry. But I'd like to argue why my answer is come...!!!

Yes- there is still a curfew (midnight at time of writing), yes there are still some tanks on the streets, yes occasionally there are still protests and sometimes buildings get set on fire (very specific ones- like ministry of interior yesterday)


-) there are police back on the streets and traffic and businesses are all running normallly during daytime.

-) the army and police are both there for tourist protection and although there are still reports of horrific human rights abuses... these are only directed at the protesters... not at visitors. In fact never have tourists been more welcome... every taxi i get into these days is so happy to see foreigners here- they know the country stuggles without them

-) curfew can't calm Cario! The parties all happen early in the evening- band play from 7 or 7.30pm instead of from 10.30, 11pm....  so actually if you want to party- and do sights ( or dance related stuff) during the daytime NOW is the time where you can do both and still get sleep!!!!! There are even cabarets open from 8pm!!!

-) the sights are open- and never before has there been a better time to view them... with no other tourists in your photos!!!

-)the weather is lovely and sunny, but not too hot!

-) dancers are still dancing... there are still shows to be seen- and also since there is less overall work for us dancers- if you are looking for private classes- then there are many of us here and eager to teach!

-) Hotels are empty- so look out for great price deals both on accomaodation here and also on flights! (don't forget my Hotlel Bellylorna for visiting dancers! !!)

-) Still not sure? think about it as killing 2 birds with one stone.... YOU get the holiday of a lifetime... and experience our new egypt while people are still eager to talk about what happened and is happening in the revolution and YOU also get the benefit of know you have helped Egypt get back onto its feet economically and make the locals smile!

come over and Enjoy Cairo!!! It's a great place to be.... !!!!

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