Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vodaphone lessons learned!

I've been having issues sending and receiving text messages on my mobile phone, but only when i am on my UK sim. Between friday and yesterday I talked to about 7 different customer care advisors... and it has finally resolved. HOWEVER it did take over 2 solid hours on the phone to 2 operators (at the same time!) yesterday to solve the issue.

The ladies on the phone were very friendly and kept thanking me for my humour and patience throughout this... which they agreed was a nightmare for me. So I didn't have to say the same story twice i held the landline, and the mobile to each ear and told them the whole story... how the phone works totally fine with my Egyptian sim card in it etc etc..... they both asked me to repeat... and asked me why i used an Egyptian sim card. i explained thats because i live in Egypt. They then told me.... do you realise we are in Cairo... the call centre is based here!!! we all laughed and chatted in arabic... and they repeated how nice I was being with them and I told them why.

The truth is, if i had been in such a frustrating , time consuming position with a call centre 4 years ago- i would have probably been shouting and swearing long ago. But after 4 years of Cairo, and all the things you have to just be patient with, I have learned. i have become 'Egyptisnized!!!' . I have learned to laugh at the little things and become more accepting of fate. Less confrontational and demanding. (at least in my 'public life' !!!). They agreed i was different that the majority of their UK customers. It was all very culturally enlightening and bizarre!! Lovely ladies too- wish i had got their names so i could have met them for coffee when i got back!

On the dance front- My Dundee Workshop this saturday is now fully booked!!! which is great- unless you hoped to come and didn't get your name in fast enough! As far as I know there are still some spaces on the Edinburgh 20th and Glasgow 21st workshops....so if you are interested get your names to Elspeth and Joanie fast..... But at this rate- this could be a sell out Scottish tour!!!

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