Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scottish Tour success

It's nearing an end... only one more workshop tommorrow in Glasgow and then that's me flying back to the Nile!

Todays workshop in Edinburgh went really well... a really fun and talented group of dancers from all over Scotland joined me.............

and I enjoyed teaching so much i really could have gone on for a few more hours!!!!!!!! Not sure how the energy levels would have kept up though. In fact, by the end of the class I was lying on the floor..........

There are a few youtube entires of my performances at the 'Lorna of Cairo Hafla' here in Edinburgh last thursday night... All 3 costumes are by the wonderful Eman Zaki (who will be teaching at the Farha Festival in Luxor alongside me later this year!) you are, some dance footage from Edinburgh...

1st set- My new 'entrance piece' music called 'Hanan' :

2nd set- The 'Iskandarani' style dance to 'Edella alla Keyfaak' was popular- there are 2 different recordings here of the same performance!

3rd set- Hope you like the costume. It's the Egyptian flag! The set started with 'Ya habibty Ya Masr' which is essentially an unofficial national anthem of Egypt, and the song people sing in the street when Egypt win any football match. I then danced to 'Scotland the Brave'- least anyone should think I have changed allegience 100%, after all- I am still a 'bint el baladi' ! and then it was the drum solo.............. which didn't go to plan.........and was a lesson learned in making sure you rehearse with your drummer before you get on stage!... but we made the best out of it and had a giggle too...... here is just a tiny clip of it to show you the costume in action!!! :

There were also so many fantastic photos taken on this night, that i don't know where to even begin to choose which ones to add to the blog- so give me a few days to go through them all please!!! Huge thanks to all those talented people behind cameras!!!

Better go get some beauty sleep so I am ready for my Glasgow workshop and my photoshoot tomorrow!!!!!!!!

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Mosspig said...

Lorna yer performances were fandabidozi!