Sunday, March 07, 2010

Dancing with 'my gals' !

Miss Jean Brodie herself couldn't have been more proud of her 'gals' as i was today dancing with the Edinburgh dancers (and a few very welcome dancers came through from Glasgow too!). They were fabulous. "The creme de la creme"... as Jean would say!

We had a lot of fun, and the dance studio at Telford College is just lovely. Adam drummed for us- and we sweated a LOT- ok, I shouldn't speak for others- I sweated a lot!!! It felt great to be just going for it with the music! I never really realise how much my dancing has improved and changed until i get back to the homeland and dance with my old collegues and students in Scotland again. It's nice to seem them grow and improve in dance too. I feel very proud to know i have been one of the teachers who have helped Scotland to have such a high standards of dancers!

The workshop was a sell out.. and we had to turn so many people away.. that Elspeth (the organiser) and myself have decided to run a second Edinburgh workshop on Saturday 20th March (times TBC) !!!! so......... if you couldn't make today, or if there wasn't space for you today, or if you were there and fancy MORE of Lorna then contact Elspeth to get your name on her list ASAP. We'll be doing a lot of technique, and some musical interpretation, and generally dancing Cairo style! Theme being 'Less is more, Sassy and sexy!' Hope you can join us!

so- my diary for the rest of the Scottish tour;

Dundee Workshop- Sat 13th March

Edinburgh Hafla- Thurs 18th March

Edinburgh back by popular demand Workshop- NEW!- Sat 20th March

Glasgow Workshop- Sun 21st March

It might be cold, well, it IS cold, never mind the 'might'!!! but It's good to be back!

The rest of the week is going to be spent with mum... and i am hoping for sunshine so we can get lots of fresh air. After getting used to the pollution of Cairo I can literally feel my lungs expand with oxygen here!!! The smell of woodland and burning pine.. ah.. bliss!

All that fresh air and exercise today however has worn me out.. so I plan to try to sleep before 11.30pm (the time i usually only finish work and go out in Cairo- but it's a different life here).

.... and so ,

" To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep ".....
..... I'll probably even dream of dance!!!

(wow- a literary blog from me today! both Muriel Spark and Shakespeare quoted in one entry!!!)

and... since the workshop went so well today i guess i can quote;

"I am a teacher! First, last, always! "

and the fact that it went SO well that we are organising a follow up one I think I'll even add....

"I am truly in my Prime"

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