Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunny Edinburgh

Yes the sun is shining in Scotland- and i went out for lunch with a friend who I haven't seen in ages and she was wearing a Linen skirt, Tshirt and no jacket!!!! I was wearing a t-shirt, under my jumper dress and scarf and jacket........... hmm- i don't think I have acclimatised!!!
I am kicking myself that i forgot about getting a group photo at the workshop in Dundee last weekend.... but i did remember to take one at the Edinburgh one the week before.....

There are still a few places on the workshop in Edinburgh this coming saturday... contact Elspeth for details and to book!! ( ) We will be covering different things from the last Edinburgh workshop, so if you want to do both, you'd be welcome and you won't be repeating yourself!!!

Don't you just love how Natalie's hand is cupping my face in the above photo? We couldn't have possibly arranged that if we had tried!!!!

Better get back to getting my music sorted for the 'Lorna of Cairo Hafla' tomorrow night! Oh and I have decided to dance 3 times so I get to wear all of my new Eman Zaki costumes!!!
( )

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