Friday, October 09, 2009

Photos from Edinburgh hafla 5th sept 09

I might be back in Cairo now- but only just getting a chance to go through some of the photos people took at the Edinburgh hafla and there are some corkers! Here's a selection of pics that are not me , for a change! all taken by the fantastically talented Violet Shears!

Here's Natalie- an elegant graceful dancer I am glad to say is both a friend and student. She had me speechless because her dancing was so beautiful that night!

Jenny used to be in the African dance group I used to perform with a long time ago, Afridonia. Great energy and joy!

Tigerlily is only young... but had phenomenal stage presence, energy, skill and humour. Loved her.

Simone and Suzie did a fab duet and I loved the interplay between the 2...

Caroline's dance was filled with emotion and power. Stunning.

'mad' Margaret did a fabulous 'Mustafa Kamel' to Tarkan's kiss kiss song! She is some kinda wonderful!!!! If you are ever down- Margaret is THE one to cheer you up again!

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