Sunday, October 11, 2009


why or why don't journalists do the one simple thing I suggest to them in interview?

Nafoura magazine ( has just used a photo of me as their cover girl and written a 3 page article about me. There are LOTS of mistakes though.......... which if I had been given a chance to read it before the published I could have easily remedied!

-i was NOT born in Inverness, but in Edinburgh, then lived In inverness til I was 10.
-my teacher in Cairo was Raqia Hassan not someone called 'hassam'?
-i wish I had a female singer, as well as the male one I have- but I dont ( and don't know WHERE that came from!)
-i do other stuff in my workshops- not just the one thing mentioned!
-i love Rhanda Kamel and have no idea who Ramda is!
-oh and do tell- why would you even ask me if I would ever return to live in ENGLAND- since I have never ever lived there in the 1st place???

Other than that, I think I caught everything there, it wasn't a bad article.... although doesn't say too much about my life now- just how I got into it! But then I guess my blog tells all about my life now. Some nice photos- and a horrible one of me being interviewed!!!

anyway- check it out- there are some other interesting articles in there too!

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Ali the Artist said...

Yeah, I was going to ask you if Hassam was meant to be Raqia!! It sounds like a male name but was referred to as "she". They need to up their game a bit and improve their journalism! The article on religion is really badly written too.