Saturday, October 10, 2009

More pix of Edinburgh hafla

ok... some photos of ME this time.... hehe... Thanks again Violet for the great shots!

Here's me getting all emotional- for a change! fact it was hard to choose which photo cos I seem to screw my face up a lot while I am dancing... this seems to work really well when being filmed or watched- but it NOT good at photo time!

This is my fav pic....... energy, joy, power and a bit cheeky too.

Then there is a pic thats not so flattering of me.... but has to be added cos its got my good friend Elsepth, who organised my workshops and hafla, in it and we both look so happy (and a bit crazy)! And no- I haven't a clue what I am saying here!!!

Oh and something completely different. A good friend, and lovely dancer from London, Eshta has recently moved to Goa to become a professional dancer over there. In 'BellyLorna tradition' she is writing a blog about her experiences there..... if you are interested check out Its an interesting read!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

WOW, excellent a new link to another kewl interesting belly look great in the pix.

unknown said...

hm, must remember to always wear a bra with that dress from now on... looks pathetic!! Speth x