Wednesday, November 19, 2008

U tube

I thought this might be exciting....

but its only 1min long! so all you get is my transition between saaidi into baladi.... not the drum solo as I had hoped!


kh said...

لو انتى من مصر طيب ليه بتكتبى باللغه النجليزيه

ارجو التواصل معى على مدونتى

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

I am not egyptian, I am scottish, which is why I write in english not arabic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna
I am a British freelance photojournalist living in Damascus and often working in Cairo, I specialise in images of the Middle East and am looking to do a story about belly dancing in the region, I woul dbe very grateful if you could let me have an email or tel number so we could have a chat.
Good luck

Unknown said...

Wonderful! especially going down to the floor!!! But indeed would love to see even more of saidi and baladi!

Great to find you on Saqarah link! When is the London workshop? My students would be very interested.


Unknown said...

and are there more videos of you dancing?