Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween in Cairo

...... was a lot of fun. 'Tana quraya' is halloween in Arabic.

I went to a salsa party night in the Imperial boat, Zamalek ( they have a regular salsa night there now every friday) and for a change I dressed up-

I dont normally do that sort of thing... but Cairo is having a positive influence on my sense of fun. People here do know how to let their hair down!

as the pics can show...............

Actually something which might be of interest to people living here- Salsa nights in Cairo.... where to go to dance the night away...

Monday- Nile Maxim, Zamalek
Tuesday- The Place, Zamalek
Wednesday- Dice Club, Agouza
Friday- The Imperial, Zamalek
Saturday- The Boss pub, Maadi

most start dancing around 10pm ( often with classes prior to that) and have a set enterance price which includes a soft drink. This list is not exclusive... but they are the main big ones in the centre of the city!


Anonymous said...

man! you are so Beautiful in that costume.

Anonymous said...

do tell me what Samir is dressed up as?? Speth xx

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Samir never ever smiles in photos... so i guess this is his disguise.......?!