Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nile Group Festival and Lorna on the Pharoahs!

I can't believe it- the 1st opening night I have missed for ages and ages.... :-(

My friends who attended the opening night of the latest Nile group festival say it was a good night. A singer to start ( wasn't there so can't confirm who) kicked off night before Hanadi, Asmahan and then Lucy all performed. Lucy being the highlight of the night. I am gutted to have missed it.

I've been ill for a few days, UTI- not pleasant- but was impressed with hospital treatment and tests etc. of course NHS in UK is better all the way- BUT although I had to pay for everything here- at least I was seen immediately, no waiting AT ALL.

The main down side is that here the doctors word is LAW- no-one questions his decision.... well, I did! I refused IV pain relief- they seemed to think i was mad and refused to listen to me at first! and then I questioned what every drug was for.... the question was so unexpected that for a long while the doctor couldn't understand it.... eventually with a little medical term dropping by my friend sugrah ( a nurse in UK!) he did answer all my questions, albeit grudgingly! Its an amazing difference between here and UK ,where by law a doctor has to explain all drugs to you and why they are being prescribed!

I felt pricewise I got a very good deal - but I would hate to be on an average Egyptian wage and be in the same situation. I went to emergancy paid 200le for consultation, 25 for urine test, 35 for blood test, 70 for xray and then returned today for an ultrasound- 200le. Ultrasound didn't just do the check for kidney stones- they checked size, shape, normality etc of all the organs!!! very interesting! anyway- I am on the mend... and just need to drink even more water daily than I did anyway ( can't really see how this is possible, but refuse to go through all that pain again!!!!!!!!!!!!)

so all better now and ready to dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a few people calling me who are here attending the fesitval and want to come see me dance while they are in Cairo- so figured i better put my schedule for next 2 weeks online so people can find me!

Come see me dance on the Pharoah boats ........( beside the Four Seasons hotel, Giza- 15mins by taxi, from the hotel hosting the Nile group festival!!!)

19th Nov- Nile Pharoah
20th Nov- Nile Pharoah
22nd Nov- Nile Pharoah

25th Nov- Golden Pharoah
26th Nov- Golden Pharoah
27th Nov- Golden Pharoah
28th Nov- Golden Pharoah

set price for open buffet is 250le.
sail includes my show, tannoura and 'western' band ( and food and cruise ,of course too!)

Times vary- best to check when you book- but make sure you get the boat you want- otherwise you'll have a different dancer!!!
NB- usually Nile Pharoah is 7.45pm sail and sometimes a late sail too. The Golden Pharoah is a 7pm sail and a 9.45pm sail.

Call 02 3570 1000 to book. ( oh and when you book best to say you want a table by the stage if you are coming especially for the dance!)
hope to dance for you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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