Monday, November 24, 2008

Not a good meeting point!

I know it happens here, I know it happens all over the world, and call me naive... but I was surprised at the openess of the prostitution at the Cairo Sheraton!

when I went there after work on sat night, I had my costume bag with me and was fully made up ( of course coming from work) so I guess i may have looked suspicious... but I got a shock when I walked to the lounge area opposite the reception, where i swear, about 12 guys, mainly arbas- all sitting alone, all sat bolt upright and looked straight at me....... like a family of mear cats! It was frightening- and pathetic. I made a very quick dash back to the reception to stand and wait for my girl friends!!!

Then we sat and watched a girl (in very obvious 'working girl' attire) stand in the centre of the lounge.... look around, then make a phone call.... to which one old guy answered his mobile and she wandered the long way around the lounge and went to sit beside him........... it couldn't be more blatant if she had just shouted out ' which one of you losers booked me then???' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seemingly it is not unknown for girls just to cold call rooms in top hotels and hang up if a woman answers and ask if services are required if a man answers.!!!


But like I say- I guess it happens all over. And at least the remaining guys just restrained themselves to staring at my friends and I , and apart from moving literally to seats opposite so they could stare even more pointedly and annoyingly, they didnt actually approach!

I suggest NOT to arrange to meet female friends in that particular reception point, I certainly wont in future!!!!

Shame on you Sheraton for turning a blind eye.


Anonymous said...

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waiting for your permission, have a nice day.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

of course... glad to have inspired you...!

Anonymous said...

thanks :)
this is the global voices i meant:
not the one with dot com

Anonymous said...

I remember when some girlfriends and myself went to the Cairo Sheraton many years ago (don't want to see how long ago :)), but we were 13-15 years old and some men (from Gulf countries) invited us to their rooms while we were checking the swimming pool. I remember we were really shocked, being so young, no make-up, mid-day, wearing jeans, real tomboy teenagers.
It's sad.