Thursday, October 23, 2008

'sex' on the streets

I have just read this in the BBC news page and think you should have a look too. why? cos Its daily life here in Cairo. the part I really HATE!
Its constant. I have been taking my 3 female visitors around this crazy city all week... and they love the hussle and bustle.......... but the hassle is another topic altogether!

curb crawled, constant sexual comments- its exhausting. everyday - without fail. children too- the under ten years olds are the ones most likely to go for a grope. tell me- where do they learn that this is ok?????? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. men. ( actually to call them that is an insult to many men around the world who do understand how to act properly- this behaviour in the streets of cairo is not that of men, but of animals who cannot control their desires and feel its ok to bully and abuse women)

rant over- lots of good stuff here too ( thank god- otherwise I'd be OUT!)
more good stuff to be blogged soon..........


Anonymous said...

it's the cancer in Egypt that sexual harassment thing, but the real problem is the kids, a friend told me about how the kids teared up the straps of a Russian tourists before in the street!!!!!!, and also i saw before kids in Quitbay citadel in Alex how they fingering tourists!!!

ClearlyEnlight, said...

It is a sad quality of Egypt, even myself as a guy was hassled from gay Egyptians.

Although, their culture does not help—the separation of the sexes, circumcision of the girls, 50/50 in the cities, Upper Egypt it's about 95% except for the Christians. A high bride price to get married, it costs money to have sex for the Egyptian men, here in Turkey they view that as selling the daughter. And the idea of labeling women as prostitutes if they have sex outside of marriage.

Traveling Egypt for five months I found the Egyptian men to be the most immature people I have ever met, as a person travels north in the Middle East the maturity grows. Turkey is nothing like Egypt regarding sexual hassle.

Anonymous said...

the sexual harassment is a consequence of banning sex.
most of guys who do sexual harassment are married, rich and educated.

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

well, in my experience most of it is by the boys who hang about on the streets- not rich or eductated at all ( although granted the ones who are out of school anyway may well be married too).

its was a 11 year old school boy who grabbed me just a week ago in my own street.