Friday, October 31, 2008

Rhanda at the sheraton

When I had my friends over from Scotland to stay last week we were desperate to see Rhanda Kamel......... but unfortuantly she wasn't working any of the nights we were able to go to the Maxim where she is currently performing- so when we heard that the Aladin restaurant in the Cairo Sheraton had Rhanda performing at 10pm we guessed it would be too good to be true- and it was!

The dancers name there is Rhanda - but she was certainly not THE Rhanda!

It was the usual chewing gum routine ( literally!- her jaws moved more than her hips) until she decided to get me up to dance.......i did............ ( and yes- i did- even in those shoes!!!)

after that she thankfully upped the anti somewhat and we got some nice dancing from her.

Funny how knowing you have dancers in the audience can help you raise your bar ( works for me too- I LOVE having dancers come see me!!!!)

It was really funny when we left at the end that they had closed the sign announcing her dancing that night- it was like they had put her to bed- all tucked up! so sweet!


Anonymous said...

I love your astute use of photos to illustrate the story. Killer heels, I am so impressed!! Great tale. Glad you're back blogging! Speth xxxx

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

from Caitie;

Hi Lorna, here's my blog entry for the same event:

Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

that dancer rhanda has a magnificent body for belly dancing.

I'll appreciate it if you guide me to any of your performance videos online.