Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lubna in scotland!

ok- so I figure I am currently in the best place ever to learn dance.........

BUT Raqia is in UK teaching in JOY this weekend. and Lubna is in Scoltand next month.....
"If you want cutting edge Modern Egyptian from a proper full-time choreographer—this is it. The best bellydancers in Egypt have all been coached by top choreographers—now you can enjoy this. Lubna has over 20 years experience of teaching and choreography, and her most famous patron was Nagwa Faoud." Caroline, Bellydance Divas.
Tickets can be purchased through, and contact with Caroline made via the website "BellyDance Divas" <> so if you are in Scotland in November- GO!!!!!!!

so I guess if you want to learn from the top - you can in UK too! ( although obviously I am in Cairo hehe!)

Bizzare thing I saw yesterday-
a carpet, ( like a cut off of old carpet) which had been used as a canvas and painted on top off- MOST bizzare!!!!!! they were selling them in the mall in the four seasons hotel! very very strange- I'll try and get in there with my camera to prove it to you at some point!

By the way - for anyone in Cairo just now... I am working EVERY NIGHT ( on the Nile pharoah and Golden Pharoah boats) and pften day time too ! I've done 21 sails in the last 10 days, I am full of the cold and feeling down- and KNACKERED! thankfully the dancing is going ok ( although admit I really didn't do my best tonight) but generally I am having fun on stage. lots of Egyptian and arab women wanting me to kiss their babies ( wish I could - just scared to give this cold to all the infants of Cairo- might end up as a killing of the 1st born!)

oh- tip for going out in Cairo. If you haven't discovered it yet- the Nile Dragon boat ( near my work) has been painted white and turned into a huge Trianon cafe- it has the entire ground floor and you can sit either in the air con- or 'outside' right on the nile. its a 50le minimum charge- but a fab menu and situation! salads in bread basket, soup in bread 'bowl' and caramel cheesecake all highly recommended!


Ehab said...

This is so weared I live in Egy and it's my country however you seem from all that photos in your blog you have been in so many places I envy
good luck

Ivana said...

Great info!!

warmest regards from
North Sulawesi