Friday, May 23, 2008

Siwa pics

Here and the aformentioned pictures I took in Siwa!!!

We stayed in Shali lodge. It was lovely. Not the posh one with the same name as far as I can make out, that is an eco lodge... and the one that Prince Charles stayed at... but the one near the village square- with palm fronds hiding the path to the door and making the approach in our big bus like something out of indiana jones.

Here are Ann and Sara chilling in the open aired sitting room in the hotel, after our 13 hour coach journey.

The rooms were lovely- almost everything was natural fibres and locally made. (except for the TV that Ann didn't even realise was in the room for the 1st day!!!)

The stone bathroom had wooden pegs hammered into the walls to hang towels etc on.... very lovely and minimal....

As you can see in this picture- the beds, the tables- almost everything was made out of palm.

The design of the hotel had been really artistically thought out and there were lots of little nooks and crannys with interesting things.... it was lovely....

And wonderful breafast/chilling areas up on the roof too. All open air- which is fine for the desert (unless it rains of course- which is did on our 1st night!)

A whole blog entry dedicated to one hotel.... well , why not- it was stunning! More siwa and desert pics to follow ............

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