Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back from my adventures.... Siwa

well - I am just home... and if I ever see the inside of a coach again it will be too soon!!!!!!

The holiday was amazing (run by Sara Farouk for 14 bellydancers from the UK!) But the drive from Cairo airport to our 1st stop was 13 hours total!!!! thank god we had a big comfy coach- and the company was wonderful too.........

Siwa is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People were super friendly (and not in a sleezy or take all your money type of way- not a single comment from any man when we walked down the street!) weather was weird ( it rained- but thankfully only for the 1st night!!!) the hotel was like something out of an expensive travel magazine- the type of place you dream about....stone shower rooms, open aired livingrooms, alabaster light shades, Bliss. The food was a revelation- if all egyptian food was like that it really would be the no. 1 cusine in the world!!!! The fresh date pancakes were a favourite for all....

We took a safari out into the desert and rolled on sand dunes and swam in a sulphar hot spring and then the cold oasis pool. Simply stunning.

We also (midst a local power cut!) walked to the local music and cultural centre and witnessed fabulous raw siwa music and dance. The way these men and boys could move their backsides was beyond description! We had a lots of fun dance into the wee small hours!

The place we stayed was called Shali and there was a whole village which had been carved into the rocks but which had melted during a huge flood- the remains proved to be a photographers dream come true. In fact the whole of Siwa was!

I bought a wonderful carpet among other things............ the colours were too hard to resist!

We were sad to leave- although a stop off on the way at the temple of Amun seemingly will provide all of us with happiness and prosperity for ever more!!!

pics will follow once I've down loaded them- so watch this space!

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