Friday, May 23, 2008

Sharm with Sam

I am just back from a wonderful 3 day break in Sharm el Sheik. My sister, her husband and their son were there for 2 weeks holiday and my work schedule allowed me to take 3 days out and go see them.

I flew Egypt air (cost 750le) and arrived at 9am. Very quick flight! It all went smoothly (once I found out that domestic flights dont go from the same place at all as the international ones that it!!!!) My sister was staying in an all-inclusive resort called Holiday Village in Nabq Bay. Lovely resort, beautifully laid out- lots of stunning flowers in the large gardens, and nice pools to make up for the beach being shingly (although stunning- great fish- even in the shallows!!!!!)

They had a swim up room- which means you open your sliding doors onto a terrace and your own pool - only shared with other people with like rooms- ie about 12 rooms.
The best thing was that for the same price they had quoted me ($150 per night) I managed to get the room next door!!!! it was heaven!!!! Their room was the one on the left- mine the one of the right. All that pool just for us!!!!! (we were in Block 11- and its def. the best!) Would definatly recommend this hotel- but esp to people with children- lots for them to do and nice big rooms etc.

Here's Sam pointing out to his mum the Swingpark.... Just in case she had been trying to avoid it! 'Mummy..... look......'

Sam was adorable... he's 2, and a real comic. A Gymnast too in this pic!

we had a lot of fun!

It was interesting being in a place where NO tourists speak arabic.... the shock on peoples faces (usually the staff of the hotel) when I spoke in arabic to them was highly amusing! Well- until i had to complain about the waiting staff's behaviour to the restaurant manager- then no one was laughing! The tourists at large might not understand the arabic being spoken at them or about them but they DO understand tone of voice and the sleazy comments. When you went for your food each night was just too much for me to put up with!

We went to Naema Bay too- just for a couple of hours. Bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes galore. And touristy shops. We went down to walk along the beach front and it took me a long time, and I mean a good 10 minutes to realise we had arrived at the beach, since every spare inch of sand was covered with loungers and umbrellas. The sort of place you'd want to go to party- but NOT for a relaxing or sunbathing holiday!

I got horribly burnt... the wind is deceptive! So last night I was back to Cairo and back to work and performing in my costume with the body stocking so people didn't see the pink belly and think I was more of a tourist than the touists in the audience!!!!!!!! Thankfully No one commented!

Really enjoyed my travels (more to write about them all- and photos to come too!) but its also nice to be back and at work. I missed dancing!

and already I miss this wee man......................

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