Sunday, October 28, 2007


well- I have been busy this week.... working a fair bit, and entertaining my visitors (Sarannah, Irene and Margaret- aka 'the daughters of Isis') which has for the most part been a lot of fun- except that i also managed to get a horrible cold ad had to cancel work one night cos my sinuses were so bad... grrr. Anyway- on the mend now, and overdosing on the vitamins- so hopefully that will help keep anymore problems at bay!

Just before the girls arrived i had a fun night too. I was performing and a group of film makers from Belguim came to the boat to film me. They were a lot of fun and are making a travel program which focuses on dance so after they shot me on the boat we went (and met up with quite a few others) to the Marriot nightclub to film Rhanda. I love her to bits- as all my blog readers will know already- but to see her dance with a dance crowd- AND when she knows she is being filmed- WOW she was on form!!!!!!!

Oh and one of my best nights to perform yet was that same night- one whole deck was a private party for psychiatrists from all over the world, they were here on some sort of convention. What a fun bunch of people and an amazing audience!!!!!!!!

Oh- and I have to stop taking people to costume shops.......... every time I do- i end up buying a cosutme, or 2 for myself!!!!!!!!! 3 more Eman Zaki costumes are currently being made for me- oops......... guess I'll have to get some serious work in pretty damn quick to cover the cost of them!!!!!!!!!!

mum and dad arrive tonight- will be very interesting to see what they make of Cairo- its their 1st time!

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