Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Amazing end to Scottish tour....

... they say the best way to appreciate your own country is to leave it. well- it's true!

On my last night in Edinburgh before coming back to Cairo, 3 wonderful things happened.

I went to the nature reserve at Aberlady, to watch the sunset, not knowing til I got there that lots of twitchers were there too- to see, and photograph the annual migration of geese! It was amazing to see V after V, thousands upon thousands of geese fly in to nest, at Sunset, after feeding all day- some flying in from as far as Iceland. Seemingly, they are only there for about a month each year- so to unexpectantly catch this amazing sight made me feel overwhelmed! It was cold, very, and i got a crookin my neck... but the sight of those squadrons of brids (far more than in any hitchcock film!) coming into the sunset above me will always stay in my mind.

Then I walked down to potobello beach - to say fairwell to the sea before my flight home (to Cairo that is!!!) and the sea was much further out than normal so there was huge expanses of sand in front of me and no clouds at all and the stars were soooo bright and so numerous again that my neck was in that same position for quite some time. I really don't remember them ever looking that amazing.

Then, for no apparent reason, or intended audience, 2 men on the beach started to lit firework after firework- a lovely show which went on for over half an hour..............

So , in all an amazing night, celebrating the wonders of Scotlands nature- the clean air, the birds, the sunsets, the stars, the beach and then fireworks to round it all off. All things which if I had been living my normal life in Scotland and not doing 'something special' to end my month there, I would have missed out on totally!!!! Wish I had photos of it all to show you!!!

So.................... This , along with the 1st hours of my arrival in Cairo, make up for and help console me, somewhat, for the horrors of the 1st day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Lorna - you're a poet as well. What a lovely piece of writing. Thank you. Annette xx

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Thanks annette. I love writing the blog- it really helps sift out all the good stuff, even if bad things are also happening! Therapy I guess!