Wednesday, October 17, 2007

1st hours back in Cairo.....

............. were amazing!

It was an electrical storm- numerous, massive lightening streaks accross the desert sky (thanksfully starting just seconds after I got through passport control - ie not while plane was trying to land!)

really - what a beautiful sight. Rain to die for (ok , in scotland I complain about the rain all the time, but here in Cairo it is a blessing- washing all the pollution down from the sky so the air feels freshish for the 1st time ever!) But this is hard rain falling in warm temperatures!- It was still only 19 degrees during all this!

The only times I have seen lightening like last nights was in films- where I thought they had been exaggerated. But this was gorgeous.

The thunder wasn;t so clever though. a deep 'BANG' rather than rumble........... that woke me from my sleep probably about 3 times! I thought it was an earthquake!!!

so that was a welcome and a half back to Cairo- and of course I have been accused of bringing the weather from Scotland with me- but I have never seen weather like this! They closed almost all the bridges (cos the roads are too slippery when wet seemingly - nice bon jovi quote there!) and everyone was driving at 3 miles per hour since they knew their breaks/tyles wouldn't stand the wet! My taxi driver said he thought it was more than 8 years since they last had lightening in Egypt...... and to get rain in Oct is very strange too.................. whats happening in the world???? I have to say- it did feel a bit like armageddan!!!!

One friend suggested maybe I had organised the whole thing as some sort of publicity stunt- 'Lorna, from Scotland, returns to Cairo with a bang and a flash' sort of thing. Well, all I can say is that I wish i knew about it in advance so I could have marketed it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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