Monday, September 02, 2013

Lorna's world Tour!

I have some very exciting news to share, 

Back in April I had a private class with a Chinese dance teacher, Leon. He had attended the Nile Group Festival at the Pyramisa hotel in dokki and enjoyed it. However in the class with me he said, "but Lorna, you don't teach like any of those teachers".

At first I wasn't sure how to take this! But he continued. "All China needs Lorna style!" 
I was very flattered. He promised he would find a way to get me to China to teach. I held my breath, loving the idea but doubtful he really meant it.

It would seem He did!

Two weeks ago I signed my contract to go to Shanghai. Not just to teach some workshops, but to teach an entire month long course! 

The Lorna Intensive Course!

4 weeks of 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, to the same students. They are going to know me inside out!!! 

I am very excited, since I have never been to that part of the world before and slightly nervous about it for the same reason!

To have this kind of extended time with one group of students is a fantastic opportunity for any teacher and I am excited about what we will be able to achieve together. 24hours a week for 4 weeks. I can't even begin to imagine right now the amount of material I will need to prepare to teach them! 
Just as well things are quiet in Cairo right now isn't it. So I have some time to prepare!!

Except that I will not be in Cairo constantly.. I am off teaching and performing on another HAL cruise round the Mediterranean, next week (11th-19th sept) courtesy of 'taste of Cairo' . Yippee. More sun and sea and fabulous fun and food! I must make sure this time I choose the healthier buffet options otherwise I will be wobbling my way to China! 

And then in October I have two weekends of teaching in the North of England. A weekend in Newcastle (4th and 5th oct) followed by the JoY festival the weekend after (10th- 12th Oct). With the days in between spent catching up with family back in Edinburgh. Detail of the Newcastle weekend will follow in another blog posting!

It is all go and very exciting!

So my next few months look like this,
Sept- cruise
Oct- UK tour
Mid nov- mid dec - Shanghai

And next year so far,

March - shimmy by the sea festivals- Both  weekends!

And of course, all the times in between- Cairo! 

Yes. I feel very happy to have chosen the job I have. I may not make a lot of money. I may have to live through uncertain times (two revolutions!!) However, I get to dance with lovely people all over the world and what could be better?! 

Wishing that you too can live through exciting as well as interesting times!!! 


Ailie said...

You're one very busy lady Lorna! I hope those Chinese students realise who lucky they are to get a full four weeks of your teaching!

Habiba Dance said...

Hi Lorna,

It's fantastic to hear this good news come after a chaotic few weeks. And it's great to see you getting such a well deserved break! Well done!

Susanna xx

Siobhan said...

Incredible! I wish these sorts of intensives were available in New Zealand.