Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cruising - Venice and away!

I didn't go to the gym this morning. Instead I decided to get out early at 8am to stomp the pathways of Venice. My legs now ache and I have blisters the size of golf balls. Along with some tourist stuff I probably didn't need. Plus wine, which I do need. (I do, I do.) and a stunning cream bun, which was breakfast, and one should never skip breakfast! Minus, of course, the one thing I went shopping for! 

The last time I came to Venice I just wandered, letting myself roam wherever i fancied. On that occasion I was shopping for dresses and kept going into, and buying clothes from, shops which all turned out to be a chain of shops.. They were everywhere and I wear constantly the things I bought there. Today I knew I only have 3 hours total to do everything and be back in the ship. Do you think I could find any of these shops? No, not a single one!!! 3 hours constant, fairly fast walking, and I found many many beautiful side streets, bridges and beautiful views ( cant help it- you trip over beautiful views in Venice!) but I did not find any of these shops! My bank balance should thank me but I was gutted. I had even worked out in the map where I thought they were, and completely missed them all! No new clothes for me. 

Lessons from today. 

-Venice need more than 3 hours just to find the shop never mind to shop! 
- shoes- choose comfort not style (I looked good, but I don't now with my limp!)
- trust my instinct. This has to be the biggest lesson from today. I tried to be smart and plan, but actually if I had just followed my nose I would have been there (I discovered where I went wrong 5 minutes before I had to charge back to the ship). Too late to look, never mind try on anything! 

And since most of my blog readers are dancers this bit is for you-

 How that transpires into dance:
- Bellydance like Venice, needs more than a crash course  learning. It takes time to feel your way about and if you try to force that you miss the beauty of the dance/city! 
- costumes need to be comfortable in order to perform in, and look good!
- trust myself. Instead of trying to dance the 'right step' or style for a piece of music, be open to thoughts and feelings and take chances and risks sometimes. Planning in advance (choreographing) doesn't always work for every situation or every person. You miss the subtleties that way, as I missed my new dress today. 

And in both cases, be in wandering round Venice, or bellydancing, I found a glass of wine, or the promise of a glass of wine after, always helps! Phew, at least I got that bit right. Hic!

Listened to an educational commentary from the observation deck as we sailed out of Venice, along with the majority of the guests. 

Note to self- I must contact Tracey at Taste of Cairo to get me onto another cruise... There are dresses somewhere still to be bought In that labyrinth and I am the lady for buying them! 

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