Sunday, September 08, 2013

An ode to Cairo

I have no idea why, since I have never written poetry in my life before, but the whim took me yesterday to try, and I went with it. Why not?

The results of that are to be published in the next NADA magazine! so in the meantime I thought I would rustle up another wee ditty for my blog readers pleasure! Hope it's a pleasure anyway....

'Home with the cat'
By Lorna of Cairo

Cairo is curfewed
the tourists don't come
I want to go dancing 
I want to have fun

I've sewn my new hair piece
I've fixed all my bling
I've even done press ups 
and sit ups and things

I try not to eat lots
And stay clear of drink
I want to stay healthy 
But it's hard not to sink

I'm sad there's no tourists
I wish they would come
I want to go dancing
I want to have fun

I really don't blame them 
I know it looks bad
When you sit watchingTV
You'd think 'they're all mad'

Yes Cairo is curfewed
Streets empty at night
But please do come see us
It's really alright

The Nile still flows northwards
The sun still shines bright
Pyramids are still open
Just don't go at night!

The dancers are bored now
We itch to perform
There just isn't work so
We sit home forlorn

Come see us shimmy
We pray, if you are able
Support the arts
And put food on our table! 

Cairo is curfewed
So home by eleven
Come enjoy Egypt,
Just get up at seven

To stay safe in Cairo
Just do as we do
Stay home every Friday
Or lie by the pool

There's plenty to do here
There's lots to be seen
The plus side of curfew?
more sleep in-between

If tourists would come here
The shows would all run
Yalla, lets all go dancing
Yani, let's have some fun

If you come to Cairo
I promise you that
It's more fun even curfewed
than home with the cat! 

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