Monday, April 04, 2011

Rainy days and sundays....

Thunder and lightening and rain all day yesterday!

It's amazing how Egyptians react to this weather, a bit like Brits do to snow, no one goes out! Mind you- when it rains here, because it doesn't very often, the air is so filthy that the rain pulls the dirt out of it as it falls and lands black on the ground (or on you- not the day to be wearing white!!!). I love Cairo - but I hate the pollution. It's even more obvious when you feel the difference in air quality after the rain!

I however, being hardened to such weather from a life in Scotland, went out with 2 friends last night, Laura from N. Ireland and Johara from London . Johara is the creater of - it has among other things, a fabulous long listing of restaurants in London where you can go to see bellydance performances!!!

We went to a fabulous Egyptian Cafe called Khamseena, which is in Mohandiseen, near the Zamalek Atlas Hotel. The food is good Egyptian fare and tasty, big portions ( The sheesh Tawook - ie chicken kebab is to die for!) and there is sheesha and Amazing live music there too. They have 3 different singers who work through the night (starting around 8pm ish and going on til the place shuts). i love the female singer best. She started last night at 10pm has a voice to die for- with a wicked sense of humour to go along with it, which makes her a fabulous entertainer! It was a great night!

This is going to be a busy week... Eshta ( London dancer/ teacher and organiser of arrives tonight), Then Athena and Elena of Greece arrive on Friday ( ) and then 2 dancers from Estonia arrive on the 10th! Hotel Bellylorna will be busy this month, and a lot of fun!!!

All i can hear writing this is the sound of boys on my street playing football , and birds singing... Life is good.

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harleygypsy2003 said...

so glad to hear your livelyhood and those of others in egypt are better. I grew up in oklahoma, full of scottish descendants. we had clean air, so I really did not know smog was not a small hole till the age of 17. Sounds so nice, last eve. i never thought about how the cities would be congested there in cairo. By all means ,wear your bandanas. i live in the sonoran desert and am missing the transitions of the seasons, no spring again this year, but i have seen pollution, and seen it rain mud n kansas, so I won't complain. Your story and the blogs during the last few months have made me feel more thankful for many things.i love the photoslide pics on your blog, very nice. I am sure the people there really enjoy your shows and love your accent.So glad things are going so well now. building our character can be quite tough, till tis over. would love to take classes from you someday. best wishes,gypsy