Saturday, April 02, 2011

Moving and shaking

well- the earth moved for me yesterday. In many ways!

In the afternoon I was in my dance studio doing some stretching since tonight would be the 1st night back to work in a week and I was feeling a bit stiff and sore from lack of activity!!! Trying to reach that hard to stretch bit in my back... and then i could feel a gentle rocking motion helping me reaching it... the rocking got stronger and then i realised that the chandilers were swinging too... an Earthquake! A friend called  in panic, 'Lorna, we're having an earthtremor' I replied' I know - it's lovely isn't it?' Have to say it was not the response she expected!!! However it really was a lovely moment in my life feeling as if the earth was with me trying to help me stretch... and esp lovely since it measured 5.9 seemingly and no damage occurred. Made me think more how it must have felt to be in Japan recently- but i still can't imagine it. My heart goes out to them!

More moving and shaking went on last night when i went to work. I was so excited because BOTH boats (Nile and Golden Pharaoh ) sailed last night- and the golden had a late sail too- business is picking up!!! I was especially excited to see that my boat had 2 decks on it... not had that since january! Then it got even better because it was Nadi Zamalek, and the Tunisian football team had fully booked out one deck- We had a LOT of fun! I dont think i have danced so well, and so della'a (cute/flirty) maybe ever. It was so nice to hear so much appreciation.. without any sleezy comments at all which often accompany an almost all male audience. They were commenting and joining in- but in a fun, respectful way. There were lots of the teams pro-photographers there too- wonder where those pics will end up- maybe some team magazine or something.. wish i could see that! I'll be dancing on the Golden Pharaoh 8th- 11th April and really looking forward to more work (not many people can say that can they?!!!)

Then- the night was still young... so my friends and i moved onto Mandarin, at the Armada boat on the Maadi corniche for a friends birthday party- that was an all night event! Well- you could of course leave before 2am which is when the curfew is from these days- but if you chose to stay after 2- then you were chosing to stay til 5am when curfew was lifted! An enforced party! I loved it! A good crowd, mix of music ( although more house music than i could fully enjoy) and if it got too much at any point they have a sheesha cafe just outside the club area which is right on the Nile.

A complete day, and night, of moving and shaking! 

 I feel alive! 


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Julia - Professional Belly Dancer said...

What an exciting life to have! I hope to have plenty of fun stories to tell people someday about my dance career! :)