Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Madness...

It was been a crazy and wonderful month!
Hotel Bellylorna has been full and overflowing with dancers from all over the world... a fabulous atmosphere to be in!

I bought lovely red roses on sunday 2 masssive bunches for only 20le (from a lttle boy on a street corner in Zamalek) ! There are somethings, like that, about life in Egypt that make it easy to have a beautiful life!

Work has been picking up too...

...granted its been a holiday weekend here in Cairo- with the coptic Easter celebrations linking into the Egyptian celebrations of Shem al Nessim yesterday.

 My audiences these last 3 nights have been in full party spirit.. with a huge majority of Egyptians who seemed to enjoy my dancing as much as I enjoyed dancing for them! THESE are the nights that keep me in this country- whatever is going on, even through a revolution! Last night at the end of one show- i was taking my bows... and this old lady jumped out her seat- ran onto stage... and said she MUST book me for the daughters wedding!!! while I was still on stage! Lovely to be able to inspire that kind of reaction... Ya rabb (oh god) give me lots of those types of audiences please!!!! oh and held a really cute baby for a photo and she was wearing a tartan dress.... wonder if i can somehow get a copy of that pic... hmmm....

Had a lovely relaxed day at the pool yesterday too- the Atlas Zamalek Hotel in Mohandiseen has a pool on the roof and they charge 60le- but that is a minumum charge so the 60 is deducted from your food/drinks bill at the end of the day, asssuming you spend over 60le! The pool isn't great- but if you want sunshine... then its a good place to be! Julia (guest who's a dancer in Holland) and i had a few lovely peaceful hours there.

Also last week i went back to Salsa for the 1st time in ages and ages- i had such a good time at Bian Cafe (mohandiseen), I maybe sat out about one song in 3 hours?! That s what i call exercise!

talking exercise-

... i am also now attending golds gym in mohandiseen.... its small , but they have everything you need, plus the 5 star changing rooms and fabulous- sauna, jacuzzi, steam room.... I think i died and went to heaven! The personal trainer pushes me enough to make me feel like I have earned the spa treatment after too- perfect!!!

oh- and I have a new spa/beauty salon- on my street. Its a bit 'baladi'... but affordable and the girls are very entertaining!!!! in fact- off there now.... 50le for manicure + pedicure... can't really complain can you?

what will May bring.... oh- Eshta is moving here from London to live (and work as a singer isa!). Maybe i should rename my place Hotel EllieLorna?!!! 

....... and Randa Kamel week long course from 21st May... yes- i think this is going to be a good month!!!

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Julia said...

I always love reading about your life over there and what it's really like dancing in Egypt! Keep up the good work! :)