Friday, February 04, 2011

peaceful protests

Very pleased to be watching the images on TV of tahrir square today- what a massive difference from wednesday! I am with the rest of the world praying for a continued peaceful day.............

many people are asking me if I am coming home? NO.... not yet... I am due to return to UK on 23rd Feb anyway on holiday.... and since i have not felt my personal safety threatened, I am staying home for now. I currently have a house full of guests too- so we are keeping each other entertained and well fed. Thank you to all the lovely messages i have been getting since the internet came back up 2 days ago...please don't worry if you wrote and i haven't sent a personal reply yet... we have limited computers in the house and everyone wants online... i have to take my turn!

I'm looking forward to performing in Edinburgh on the 3rd March too. I also be talking a little there about my expereinces here, ( including ones i can't write about online) during this monumental political time in Egypt. To buy tickets or for more information contact Elspeth on and you can chekc out the facebook events page on!/event.php?eid=185487681474401

I am safe, well, staying home almost all the time and very far from Tahrir Square, where the majority of the violence has been. Occasionally I have even been able to dance... although often i have been too concerned for the fate of those protesting to be able to be in the right frame of mind for dance.

Heres hoping for more dance days in the near future!

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