Friday, February 11, 2011

Coming home from home...


Edinburgh is my home... and Cairo is my home. I love them both and have many things and people that i love in both places.

Very soon I'l be returning to UK for a holiday... it was planned a long time ago and was only intended to be a couple of weeks... but considering the current Cairo climate workwise (ie cufew every night means my work is closed indefinatly) I will be extending my stay. Not because i dont want to be in Cairo- but becuase I do...!! The main reason is that i need to earn some money! Somehow I have to be able to continue to pay rent in Cairo, mortgage in Edinburgh and eat (not to mention pay for the latest Eman Zaki creations!!!).

This is where you guys come in-

-calling all UK dancers.... I am home from 23rd feb (maybe earlier passport depending- ie i need to get one- mine is stuck in Cairos goverment offices!!) and as yet haven't booked my return flight.... but guessing around 15th march....maybe later Cairo politics depending....

 So i am planning a big Edinburgh show on the 3rd March (details below) and also workshops on 5th and 6th of March in Edinburgh and in Fife.

However, if you would like me to teach a workshop in your area end feb/ beginning of march please do get in touch!!!

I also plan to be teaching private classes over those weeks form my home in Portobello, Edinburgh... will send out a message re dates times to anyone who emials interest to me (bellylorna

Hope to see you all on the 3rd! Very excited to have 2 fabulous dancers also performing alongside, Dawn (of Scottish and Australian fame) and Eshta from London (of Saqarah fame!). Also the fantastic Rhythmic Ginger is warming up his rolls to keep up with my shimmys!!!! I will also be talking about my life in Cairo here over the years and specifically now over the last few weeks- living the revolution! I recommend booking your tickets NOW!!!

From Edinburgh to Cairo and back again:
An Evening of Bellydance featuring Lorna of Cairo

Location- EH15, Edinburgh (!/pages/Eh15-Restaurant-Bar/118547788218604 )

As part of the Middle Eastern Peace and Spirituality Festival 2011, an evening of food, drink, bellydance and cultural understanding.
Lorna has been working as a Bellydancer in Cairo since 1996. Join us for beautiful performances, and over dinner we'll be discussing Lorna's experiences of life in Egypt and how dance reflects the culture and traditions there.

Tickets £32 includes 3-course meal. Please send cheques, payable to E Alexandra, to 32 Claremont Road, Edinburgh EH6 7NH.
Contact Elspeth SwishandHips on 07748 183171 or
facebook event page:!/event.php?eid=185487681474401

Photos by the amazing Michèle Dillon

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