Sunday, November 21, 2010

no surprise there..

on MSN today there is an article about the 10 most dangerous countries to drive in. Anyone who has been to Cairo has commented on the traffic and won't be shocked to know that Egypt is deemed the 3rd most dangerous in the world!

The stats they give are;

Population (2007): 75,497,913- hmm 3 years may have made a difference in this figure too..

Number of registered vehicles: 4,300,000 (I'd like to know when this info was gathered, cos bound to be more now!- plus- how many UNREGISTERED cars???)

Number of on-road fatalities: 15,983

Fatality rate per 100,000 people: 41.6

So, I guess no one else is going to ask me why i don't drive in Cairo now!!!


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'll bet South Africa was on that list.

C said...

I bet there are more unlicensed cars in Egypt than licensed . . . not to mention the donkey carts that are everywhere, which just come right out into traffic anytime.