Friday, January 01, 2010

so far so good!

I am really liking 2010 so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last night I had 6 shows... and for the 1st time in a Loooong time... all the audiences were in a fabulous mood and really up for a party. A nice mix of foreigners and mainly Egyptians, everyone was clapping and singing along and gave me a very warm welcome. I was not due to be on stage between 11.45 and 12.15... so I quickly got dressed and joined everyone on the dancefloor- and I mean everyone- the guests and staff, even the stuffy managers who wouldn't normally dream of such a thing! there was the count down- and fireworks from all the hotels around the Nile, and the birthday song, and santa claus conga line... great!!

I danced Lissa Fakir... and i felt completely lost in the music and the audience was lost in there with me. One of my all time favourite dance moments so far. powerful and moving. My band excelled themselves and the audience fully appreciated the music and my dance. wonderful.

My night at work finished at 2.30am. I had started my night at 7pm. But it was all so good i felt I could have danced my way through the entire night! (although body feeling it a little this morning!- day one of my new stretch regime me thinks!!!)

Thank you all the people who helped make my hogmanay such a fabulous one. I love working this night of the year! So many positive feelings about the coming year surrounding you and everyone happy and celebrating. Only just realised this second that it didn't even involve a drink! ah well- maybe i'll toast in 2010 tonight after work.............. in belated true Scottish form!

happy 2010 to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go lose yourself in the music!

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