Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My new Garden!

I strongly suspect this latest home improvement was powerfully inspired by my recent trip to fayoum.... walking through the fields, surrounded by fabulous greenery! I have always had plants, even as a young child I drove my parents crazy with the 'jungle' that was my bedroom. I just realised that i have lived here in Cairo for nearly 4 years without any plants around me at all!

On Friday i decided i MUST have a garden! (ie buy some plants to put out on my balcony!) so I travelled around in a taxi for about an hour trying to find somewhere to buy them where they wouldn't charge extortionate prices as soon as they saw me... eventually found a place on the corniche just before kit kat mosque, but the guy who takes the money wasn't there- so we had to go back again on Saturday. see- even a simple trip to buy some potted plants in this country isn't as easy as you'd expect!!!!
Saturday I returned with a friend and we selected 15 plants!!!!!! ( ok- 3 of them are tiny- little herbs- mint and basil) but still 15 !!!! This includes a ficus tree, a 'christmas tree', a chamomile and a bourgainvillea among others! All for 290le. (After a lot of bargaining of course!)
so then how to get them home?? It's very strange as well to be buying plants for outside that would normally only ever be indoor plants in UK!

My garden would never squeeze into a taxi- assuming any driver would accept- and for once I had found somewhere in Cairo that didn't deliver!!! so my friend went out into the street and managed to find a microbus that would take us, and the garden, to mohandiseen for only 35le. I was quite happy about that- sitting up front in a microbus full of greenery- what a sight. i think my neighbours think i am slightly mad!

Happy though. And now it takes a lot to get me out- when instead I could be sitting at home in front of my lovely garden!!! Does that make me old? or just content? I certainly feel this is 'home' now!

Next- - what plants to add to it now? all the ones that repel mosquitoes- that’s for sure! Basil I have and I am open to new suggestions..........?


Julie said...

It looks lovely. I really love your drapes. Still enough light but no peeping Toms. I had an apartment in Mohandiseen 18 years ago and we never got any peace from the peepers!

Miss Vena said...

Your garden looks lush. Glad your home feels like home. Have a good weekend. Blessings Vena