Friday, January 08, 2010

Dizzy arts

what a week.............

I feel like I have been floating outside of my life this week...... not sure why. I collapsed onstage on monday night- (thankfully didn't actually end up on the floor but wasn't far off it, and did have to cut my show short). Was pretty scary actually. I had eaten, slept well, felt fine in fact....until that happened, but then have not really felt 100% or even 70% all week. Haven't a clue what happened.

So I have had a very unLorna type week til i felt stronger again. Cancelled all outings, parties, classes etc and just worked, stayed home and slept lots. And I managed to spent over 10 hours yesterday sitting in from of laptop sorting my music in itunes........... still lots more hours needed on that- but at least i have been doing something towards my New Year's resolutions!

I'm off, with a couple of friends, to Fayoum tomorrow for a couple of days, hoping the calm of the desert and the fresh air will help restore me to 100% Lorna !!!

Was looking at photos of all the Snow in UK just now and feeling grateful that i am here in sunshine. 21deg suits me far more than -20deg !!! Thinking of my friends and family back in UK and sending you warmth and love!!!

Oh and something completely different. My lovely friend, and talented Poet, Linda, has started up an Arts Residency Centre in Cairo. It a lovely place, overlooking the Pyramids... and has 5 rooms so accomodates lots of artists (up to 10!) at the same time! So if you are a writer, painter, musician etc etc etc and fancy coming to cairo to work on a project, or get some inspiration... then its a great place to base yourself from and meet other artists!

Check out the blog,


Anonymous said...

blimey missus! not very good!! hope you're feeling 110% Lorna so on. xx

Victoria said...

Get better soon Lorna! I am new to your blog and I love it! I am learning to belly dance back in the UK and a lady in my class took your workshop when you were in London last year and said you were a great dancer and teacher!