Thursday, December 17, 2009


I love my life!

After work last night I went to perform at a friends husbands birthday party. It was a fantastic night and very strange performing in 'normal' clothes. The venue doesn't have a license for entertainment- so I couldn't have my band with me... and I couldn't wear a proper dance costume either! So I wore the shiniest tightest dress i could find in my wardrobe instead! Was still very strange not dancing in costume!

The performance went really well with everyone joining in to dance too! Then, later, I was nearly in tears when one woman (Egyptian) said that if Samia Gamal and I were working together in the same era, then Samia would resign because I am so elegant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Considering Samia is still one of my biggest inspirations then even taken with a bucket of salt, that is a fabulous compliment!

What was lovely was that the bar staff, mostly Sudanese I presume, were all dancing away behind the bar and a couple of them would be able to give some of the more famous Egyptian male dancers a run for their money!

It was a lovely venue too... the Garden City Club. Never been there before- its a private members club... but very nice!!! A great place for a party!

Looking forward to having my house party this week too. A friend is coming to Cairo to live. That's 2 of my friends from uk to move here within the last 6 months!! The Egyptian goverment should give me money for the aid I give Egypts economy!!!!! Anyway- I decided to throw a welcome party for her! It's going to be great.

Then I fly the next morning to Scotland to spend Christmas with the family! I heard its snowing today in edinburgh................ Brrrrrrrr.... i don't think my body is ready for that kinda cold! Cairo weather suits me MUCH better... although even now its a little chilly!

Must go look out my tinsel......................... :-)


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Och how great that you're going to Scotland for Christmas! Enjoy and travel safely.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Lorna.

I fully agree with the comment - You really made my birthday very special with your elegance and charisma.


Claes (the Husband)