Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I've not been writing for ... wow... over 2 weeks... I think that's maybe my biggest gap between blog entries yet!

Why? many reasons I guess. I spent Eid working (the festival where they kill a sheep or cow on the doorstep) and then went up to Sharm for 4 days to lie by the pool and read. I LOVED it.

I am not a all......... I constantly love having people around me, or am online or on the phone because I usually get really depressed if I am on my own for any length of time. So it was a big surprise to me to actually enjoy the solitude. Just me, my ipod and 3 books in the sunshine....... pure bliss! So I am wondering why suddenly the peace was a blessing to me... maybe the noise and chaos that is my life in Cairo just suddenly became too much and my brain needed downtime? Maybe I am beginning to 'grow up' and not 'need' other people around me to know what I think and how I feel (about time huh!). Or Maybe I am just happier in my life. More content. Maybe.

Work is certainly going well......... I LOVE performing... and am beginning to be more confident on stage too. More able to do less. It really is the key to better dancing- less dancing!!!!!! That only comes with time and confidence though too. I've served my time! I'm just 3 months short of 4 years here in Cairo . 4 YEARS !!! I can't believe it. I can safely admit that my life is in Egypt now........... and I can't imagine living in Scotland again- not for a while anyway- i figure I'll perform here in Cairo as long as I can continue to get work permits and as long as people actually want to watch me dance while they eat their dinner......... then...well... then who knows... the world is my oyster..... not that I am really sure what that phrase means! I know I will always want to dance, whether it's teaching , or performing, or both.

Anyway- this is all a bit deep and personal for my 1st blog back after a while - so on a lighter note...

....right now I am typing this from the bathroom.... why? because 'they' have sprayed my stairwell with bug-killing stuff which is seeping under my door. Did always wonder why I never had a bug issue ever in this place- now I know! The whole flat is noxious and giving me a headache. So I have put some very hot water into the bath with lots of Olbas Oil and am writing this entry from my homemade sauna!!!! It's bliss to be able to breathe... although not so sure how good the steam will be for my laptop!!!


Anonymous said...

4 years, bloody hell. And you were only going for 6 months. And the Fisherrow ladies kept asking me when you'd be back and I kept saying, she's only gone for 6 months... a million years ago.

Glad you're enjoying the solitude, that means we're middle aged!! (lol!)

big huge hugs, Speth xxx

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Glad to have you back!