Sunday, June 01, 2008

sunday sunday

I know that here in Cairo a friday is a sunday....

but I find it really hard to motivate myslef to do anything really on a sunday even though thats supposed to be like a monday! (are you following this so far?!!!)

today I went to the arabic school, Kalimat, to enroll for a month of classes.... I havn't done any proper study of arabic for over a year and a half now- and I am feeling it... I know my grammer is shocking.... so needs must.

I did a test to see what level I should go into .... was very nervous in case I had gone backwards!!!!!..... but was happy when the teacher said that my conversational skills were about level 5, but my grammer was level 4- so have to start at level 4. Thats just fine by me!!!!!

so I am all paid up and due to start tomorrow- but they didn't know if they were going to have enough people to run the class.... so a little bit worried about that- fingers crossed some more turn up !!!!!

I decided I was fed up sitting at home online most of the day all alone, so I took my laptop to the Marriot bakery, where they have lovely AC thank you very much, and I don't have excuses not to just get on with the work- which is what I did. Every cafe etc in Cairo has Wi-Fi- its wonderful!!!

then I impressed myslef further by spending a good 2, nearly 3 hours revising my level 3 course work from the summer before last!!! Going over it I wish they had put me in level 3 again!!!!

off to Salsa now... its at Jazz up, in the Nile Hilton hotel and is on every sunday and tuesday through the summer.

oh and a comment about my Bowab (doorman). He seems to like me more when I give him errands to run. It would be the opposite at home wouldn't it? I am always shy to ask him to do stuff for me... but recently I have started to (he got 6 cushions I bought in Siwa stuffed for me today!) and he is much cheerier! Maybe before he thought it was a slur on him that I wouldn't trust him with anything... or something like that.Who knows...? Oh the cultural differences!!!

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