Sunday, June 01, 2008

House proud

Let me start this entry saying I am house proud..... but not proud of where the house is- or should I say of the people who 'live' in this area!!!! I just walked home from a restaurant- 15mins walk..... The number of cars who trailed me, turned round and round to follow me, calling names.... just saying hello hello... i love you etc etc during those 15mins was amazing! Funnily enough I didn't feel scared- not really sure why. Maybe once the summer kicks in for sure and there are even more arabs in town then it will become more threatening- it did last year. Hate not being able to walk home- but then- I guess its hard to be scared when there are just SOOOO many people in the streets- not like at home if you walk at midnight there is no-one on the street except yourself- THEN being followed is scary- rather than here where it just feels downright pathetic!

Anyway- I wanted to show off my lovely curtains on my balcony. They keep the sun off the livingroom windows, give me privacy from the neighbours, and mean I was able to have hour today lying in the sun in my bikini- wonderful! If anyone knows the actual name for this type of pattern that would be great.... Its the material they usually make tents out of here to celebrate weddings, parties, festivals and funerals !!! I love it cos its so colourful and cheerful.

And this is the wonderful carpet I bought myself in Siwa..... the colours haven't shown too well , maybe due to the sun this afternoon... but I have this on the floor of my balcony- so I can lounge about outside- wonderful!!! Cushions are getting stuffed this weekend- so more pics to follow once the scene is properly set...........

Another Siwa purchase- I couldn't resist these palm leaf made baskets..... Great for hiding the washing power in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course - my dance studio................ Love this room!!!! Sound system. Mirrors (on 2 walls), lovely wooden floor, enough space for me plus maybe 3/4 students. Perfect for private classes. Fabulous. I have found myself just wandering in and out of the studio having a wee potter about in front of the mirrors- testing a few moves here and there- its a joy to have! feel very lucky to be in a place big enough to fit it in!!! I have even been known to go in there and do stretching for a bit too!!!!!!
Wen dancers rent out my spare rooms- they get full use of the studio if they want it.... so far it seems to be a pretty good selling point for my rooms!!!!!!! lots of people coming to see me this year! looking fwd to it!

And this next pic has nothing at all to do with my flat- but I spotted this can in the supermarket this afternoon and had to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scotland is never really very far away!!!!


Nepenthe said...

Wow your dance studio looks amazing! I love having a dance studio in the house - I built one for myself last year (not as nice as yours!) and since then, I practice so much more than I used to. It's also nice to have teachers over for private lessons rather than renting space.

I hope that someday I can come to Egypt again and see your beautiful apartment!

Lorna (aka BellyLorna!) said...

Hello nepenthe!

yeah- I am very happy with my studio. I dont dance in it as much as I'd like- and its getting hot here now- pushing 40degrees... so its hard to feel motivated during the day to do anything! But uts great for teaching in!!!

hope you do come back to Egypt.... I'll be here- Inshallah!!!