Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rain at 40 degrees C and other stuff...

well- it was 40- now, at 2am it is only 30deg.... ONLY!!

anyway- I went out onto my balcony to see if there was any air to be had at all- since there feels like there isn't any in my flat.... and all i could hear was rain drops.... surely not!

no of course not. But everyone in my street has their AC's on full blast- and the water dripping from all the Air Conditioning units outside all the buildings in the street sound like that slatterings of a spring rain fall!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I had my fitting with Amera el Kattan- I am to be dancing at her fashion show at the Ahlan wa sahlan opening Gala this coming Friday. A good excuse to dance in lots of beautiful costumes over a very short time period! It's an experience anyway.... suspect it'll be more fast and stressful than glamourous! There are to be 4 of us dancers- me, a girl from Russia who also works here in Cairo and 2 girls from Norway. Plus a back drop of 'proper' models who can stand in the costumes looking pretty - while we dance in front and show off how the costumes 'dance' !

Coincidences are strange aren't they. I read, yesterday (from start to finish) the book 'A Thousand Spendid Suns' by Khaled Hosseini. He is the same guy who wrote 'the Kite Runner'. The book was fantastic, I recommend it! - and in it they talk about the film Titanic. A film that for some reason I just never saw- maybe the only woman in UK who doesn't know who 'Jack' was !!! Anyway- guess what- after reading about it yesterday, Titanic was on the TV tonight- so I got to find out what the fuss was all about... and had to laugh at all the bits which had obviously been censored out!!!!

In 'A thousand Splendid Suns' he uses the film to demonstrate Kabul during and after the Taliban's rule. Where even TV's are banned and people get black market copies of the film to watch, and then after, in 2003, when it could be openly showed in the cinemas. Although not so open I am guessing - if even in Cairo nowadays- it is still edited!!!!

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