Thursday, April 24, 2008


in half an hour the taxi will pick me up to take me to Cairo airport to travel, once more to Edinburgh.

BUT this time I am going for a holiday - not work!

I'll be going from 39 degrees here in Cairo to what.... 11/12 degrees in Edinburgh..... Hmmmmm.

Its been a frantic few weeks with Sooooooooooooooo much work that i ended up injurying myself (twisted ankle on stage- all better now!) and despite some friends coming over for 2 whole weeks- i hardly saw them! (Just as well they were busy attending the Nile Group festival!)

Tito was the highlight of the closing festival seemingly...................Lucy seems to have wowed some people (including her drummer- who is also my drummer) but also disappointed others- interested in your views.......... i was working so didn't make it along.

Oh and I went to see Suraya on monday night at the Marriot. I am so so so very envious of her orchestra. Her violin player is just to die for. They played Enta Omri and I thought I would cry. I didn't even want to watch her on that one- I just wanted to listen to the music! ( not that her dancing wasn't wonderful- she kills me with those shimmys- and she's getting more and more snaky too!)

oh- and talking Om Kaltsoum- after she had finished and the after band came on... a lots of the girls in the audience danced- some on stage- some beside their tables... our table (with 5 dancers!) did no less... although I was determined, having just finished work and trying still to rest that I wouldn't dance..... but as they played O.K. (Om Kaltsoum) I just couldn't resist. As a professional dancer- sometimes it is eay to forget that complete loss of self when you dance totally inside the music- I got it back that night- I shut my eyes, and just danced........... unfortunatly I had just been sitting twisted, in stong AC for 3 hours- so my back was very unapreciative of my efforts- but although my body complained- my soul felt revived. I really thought I was a bit stupid to feel this way- and I mentioned to a singer and she instantly understood why I just couldn't help myslef- 'ah - yes.... you were 'in' om kaltoum- i understand!) so - its not just me!

apologies for my lack of blog entries recently.... just way too busy to even get through a fraction of my outstanding emails never mind type up interesting quirky cairo happenings.......

However, I was in a car tonight with someone who had a baseball bat at the side of him- SCARY!!!! Dont think I'll be doing that again!

off to airport now.....

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