Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busy busy

I guess the most exciting thing about this week is that my friends Hannah, Natalie, Sara and Laura have arrived in town! I love showing people my Cairo! we have been daily costume shopping.... ah the joys!!!! Today we went to Hanan- tried on lots and going back on thursday to order something lovely!!!! The girls came to see me dance last night and despite there being a very small audience, it was a nice night.

All busy too over the next week- since it's the Nile Group festival at the Pyramisa hotel... lots of dancers coming from all over to do workshops with lots of top teachers- wonderful! I had a dancer from London , and another one from Canada come to see me tonight on the boat- they were just lovely. Had a dancer from Norway along the other night too- she is a lovely dancer and I had fun putting her up on the stage!¬ It's scary dancing for other dancers- my peers- but great!

oh- and I danced for the president of Ukraine on wed night. That was an interesting experience! all the body guards... and protocol! wasn't allowed to have my saaidi guys on stage with their sticks- i guess in case one of the decided to take a whack at him!!!!

all go- and all fun!

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